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Since 2005 I have been curating and designing custom mix CDs under the Wimbo Zuri imprint. Wimbo Zuri—which means “Beautiful Song” in Swahili—offers music lovers who want to commission a special, personalized gift for their significant others, family members, or friends. A typical Wimbo Zuri mix includes songs selected for their musical, lyrical, cultural, and historic quality. A typical mix features songs spanning several decades, in several languages, joined together by a common theme.

I already have several past projects to offer up as examples or even for sale as-is:

  • Locally-flavored road-trip mixes: Pick a state, country, region, or route.
  • Literature-based mixes: Eclectic riffing off of themes and charactars from books of the bible or your favorite big novel.
  • Mixes for friend groups: Perfect for reunions!
  • Acrostic mixes (perfect for birthdays) Awesome, carefully selected playlists with secret messages encoded in the first letters of each song.
  • Mixes for Weddings and Other Celebrations
  • Science-Based Mixes We specialize in taxonomy (songs for different kinds of animals and plants—insects, birds, trees). Want a mix of songs about stars, in order of brightness? We’ve got you covered. Anything else you can imagine? Just ask.

Clients can select a governing principle for the album, and then suggest details with special meaning for the gift recipient: languages, artists, themes, names, etc.

The product: A beautifully designed CD, with detailed liner notes, and extraordinary music therein.

The pricing: Once WZ covers its pass-through costs (mp3s, materials, postage), the album will already be quite a bit more expensive (~$30) than something you would have bought on iTunes (~$15). But we think it’s worth it.

  • Existing album: $30
  • Simple design tweak to existing album: $20
  • Thorough personalization of existing album: $70
  • Totally new, soup-to-nuts personalized album: $150

All fees are payable via Paypal. For more info and a quote for your specific project, email me at

View all the mix CDs in the Wimbo Zuri portfolio.

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