Mix CD | Birdsongs/Songbirds

Some friends of mine commissioned a 60th birthday gift for their father, an avid birdwatcher. The three-disc set featured 60 songs about 60 bird species.

Tracks 1-30 (“Birdsongs”) each represented a different avian order, from hummingbirds to ostriches. Tracks 31-60 (“Songbirds”) featured tracks for 30 families from the order Passeriformes. The design was based on a typical birdwatchers’ field guide; each song included textual commentary noting year of recording, language, and relevant quotes; a photograph from Wikepidia and a custom inset map showing the range of the song’s actual (or, in a few cases, homonymous) subject.

Click on any image to see a gallery of full-size enlargements.

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