A sea of technology

Like most of you, I saw, and didn’t give much thought to, the now-pretty-much-cliche’d photo-from-behind of Obama giving his speech to the crowd in Berlin this week. But when I went back to it and zoomed in, I had the following thoughts: 1) Hey laptop-guy, way to improvise! 2) I’ll bet you 500 billion Zimbabwe dollars that this is the most front-page coverage Angola has gotten in the US since, ever; and 3) everybody’s holding up a digital camera! I suppose that shouldn’t be that surprising, but up close it’s like this sea of technology superimposed on (or rather, above — can you imagine this photo with old-style, press-to-face viewfinder cameras?) the expected sea of humanity.


detail from a photo by Jae C. Hong (AP), from “Obama’s Berlin speech appears to resonate with crowd,” Los Angeles Times, 25 July 2008

Originally published at culture-making.com.

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