A time for branding

Designer Tanner Woodford, inspired by this brand-timeline self-portrait made a time-based list of every brand and logo he encountered over 24 hours, and then arranged them all clock-wise (well, 24-hour-clock-wise). I’d love to see mockups for brands encountered by people in different places and times. I expect, for instance, that the clock of a 19th-century city-dweller might well be just about as full. A Renaissance nobleman’s would be full of heraldry and religious iconography. But would a medieval peasant (assuming he lived far away from town or church) have anything for the face of his anachronistic clock?


from “A clock for identity designers,” by Tanner Woodford, fill/stroke.com , 15 December 2008 :: via Brand New

Originally published at culture-making.com.

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