Best. Toys. Ever?

My old friend Jonathan continues lovingly subverting’s tech-toy-heavy Geekdad blog from the inside out. The five best toys of all time? Lego doesn’t even make the list. Try Stick, Box, String, Cardboard Tube, and Dirt. The most enthralling toys are often the ones you can make the most of, ones that open up imaginative possibilities rather than limiting them.

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to play with was Dirt. At some point I picked up an interest in cleanliness and I have to admit that I’m personally not such a fan of Dirt anymore—many parents (particularly indoor people like me) aren’t so fond if it either. But you can’t argue with success. Dirt has been around longer than any of the other toys on this list, and shows no signs of going away. There’s just no getting rid of it, so you might as well learn to live with it.

First off, playing with Dirt is actually good for you. It’s even sort of edible (in the way that Play-doh and crayons are edible). But some studies have shown that kids who play with Dirt have stronger immune systems than those who don’t. So even if it means doing some more laundry (Dirt is notorious for the stains it causes) it might be worth getting your kids some Dirt.

So what can you do with Dirt? Well, it’s great for digging and piling and making piles. We’ve got a number of outdoor toys in our backyard, but my kids spend most of their time outside just playing with Dirt. Use it with Stick as a large-format ephemeral art form. (didn’t I tell you how versatile Stick was?) Dirt makes a great play surface for toy trucks and cars. Need something a little gloopier? Just add water and—presto!—you’ve got Mud!

from “The 5 Best Toys of All Time,” by Jonathan Liu,’s Geekdad, 31 January 2011

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