Consuming like it’s 2007

Committing to consuming only two-year-old media on two-year-old tech has an advantage beyond reduced prices: I’m guessing there would be a quite helpful filtering effect. A discipline of consuming the not-so-new is still, of course, a discipline of consumption—probably not the best thing to order all one’s cultural interactions around.

It seems to me that the best way to instantly raise your standard of living is to live in the past. If you subsist entirely on two-year-old entertainment, and the corresponding two-year-old technology used to power it, you’re cutting your fun budget in half, freeing up that money for more exciting expenditures like parking meters and postage.

The problem is that it’s hard living out of sync with the world around you. Just ask the Amish or Bill Cosby.

from “New Cult Spares Members From Early Adopters’ Pain,” by Lore Sjoburg,, 23 October 2009 :: via

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