Drinking less, online

Here’s a very different approach to temperance and addiction, one likely at least as controversial to the 12-step community as the successful Italian drug rehab facility that runs a very nice winery: the goal of the self-help program is to get people’s drinking down to what the Dutch government regards as low-risk levels: “Dutch guidelines in terms of American drinks would mean: less than 15 drinks per week and no more than five in a row for men; and for women, no more than 10 drinks per week and no more than three in a row.”

Problem drinking in Western societies contributes to disease and death as well as social and economic woes. Yet only a small number of people with alcohol problems – 10 to 20 percent – ever seek and participate in treatment. This study examined the real-world effectiveness of a 24/7 free-access, anonymous, interactive, and Web-based self-help intervention called Drinking Less (DL) at http://www.minderdrinken.nl. Findings show that DL can help problem drinkers in the privacy of their own homes.

Originally published at culture-making.com.

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