If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe’s, by Carl Willat

What does a quirky, yuppie-ish supermarket make possible? After being scolded by a Trader Joe’s manager for filming near the store, commercial director Carl Willat (he of dancing Hershey Kisses fame) decided to make a fan commercial about the store using his smartphone. The song he wrote is a parody of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s impressionistic Brazilian masterpiece “Águas de Março” (which you can see here in Jobim’s definitive duet with Elis Regina). What’s great about Willat’s ad is, of course, its wistfullness, and its willingness (unlike any real ad) to tackle the wholeness of the place, not only the good stuff they have, but also the good stuff they used to have but don’t any more.

If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe’s,” by Carl Willat :: via Boing Boing

Originally published at culture-making.com.

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