Mix CD | Hold On

Wimbo Zuri Catalog No. 040.1A08-1

For a while I’ve been interested in the ways that repeating a word over and over can change it—sometimes it loses meaning, becoming a simple babble of repeated sounds. In other cases, the repetition increases the strength and depth of the word. Sometimes, indeed, it feels like—transcendently, I guess—both is happening at once.

I started to wonder whether it was possible to make a coherent mix where every song was different but had the same title. Which titles are universal enough for this to be possible? Which titles lead to themes so various to make such repetition bearable, something more than a joke? I feel like “Hold On” succeeded at this, far beyond my wildest hopes. I find myself sharing this mix with friends and people I’ve never met, not as a joke so much as an offering, a pointer towards hope.

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