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Wimbo Zuri Catalog No. 006.1A03-1

I think part of the reason why I like making mix CDs is that it’s so much like working on a magazine, something I did for a few years in the early 2000s as editor of re:generation quarterly. Coming up with a cover theme, soliciting and ordering a group of articles, sweating the details of a table of contents or the running headers, making sure all the commas are italicized correctly. During my time at RQ, my editor-in-chief and co-conspirator was Andy Crouch (who I’ve worked with again much more recently on the Culture Making website). After RQ folded, as a parting gift for Andy I put together this mix, styled along the lines of the last-gasp redesign that only lasted one issue. If you can truly sum up the work we did—and the structure of the magazine— in 45min worth of music, I think this at least comes close. And for outsiders, I suspect it’s still a good listen.

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