Mongolian Bling

I have mixed feelings about this teaser (designed to help get funding for the film, which hasn’t been made yet) because, I guess, it falls back on certain cliches to further its stated aim of breaking stereotypes. Perhaps it’s just a necessary hoop to jump through, and it sounds like a very cool and worthwhile project. Still, there’s a delicious irony to it all: easterners adopting and adapting western poses, for the service of westerners wanting a bit of the eastern coolness to rub off (and angling to take said easterners on a mystical journey—”nomadic” being a downright talismanic term for a certain sort of electronica-meets-world-music afficionado—to explore their culture’s musical roots).

Mongolian Bling: Adventures in Nomadic Hip Hop teaser :: via 3quarksdaily

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