Perchers, pinchers, turners, swingers

A glorious celebration of the toaster in its various vintage forms. The photo galleries in particular are worth getting lost in, come breakfast-time.

For inventors and engineers of toasters it seemed to be a big challenge to create as many as possible different technical solutions to … well … heat and rotate a simple square slice of bread.

  • Perchers The bread stands alone
  • Pinchers The bread is pinched at its place
  • Turners The bread is turned horizontally
  • Swingers The bread is turned vertically
  • Sliders The bread slides in the toaster
  • Drive Thrus The bread drives thru the toaster
  • Tippers The bread tips out the toaster
  • Floppers (Turn Overs) The bread flops out and flips over
  • Droppers The bread falls through a trap door
  • Pop-Ups The bread automatically jumps out of the top
  • Drop/Turn-Ups The bread has been raised manually
  • Flat Beds The toast lies on a grille

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