¿Por qué ser Carmelita Descalza?

This is a promotional video from a 400-year-old convent of the “Barefoot Carmelite” order in Ecija, Spain, near Seville. They were down to 11 nuns and had had no new novices join for three years, so they decided to try something drastic: YouTube. The video has generated lots of interest, and their first YouTube-inspired novice has just joined the order. I know I’m pretty far outside their target audience and so can’t be expected to get the aesthetics of their video— which appears to depict convent life as taking place on another planet. A Kenny G. planet. With neon, Comic Sans typography. I suppose if you can get past all that and still want to join, that’s a good sign you may have a vocation.

via “Spain’s barefoot nuns put faith in YouTube to find new convent recruits,” by Giles Tremlett, guardian.co.uk, 16 January 2009

Originally published at culture-making.com.

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