Portfolio | History Here 3.0


The History Channel has launched a major update to the app I help oversee content for, History HERE. In addition to a nicely executed visual update, version 3.0 of the app also features a new Tours feature, with topical itineraries. For the 3.0 launch I wrote seven of the 14 tours available. The tour is a fun way to dig into the history of a place through the lens of a specific topic. Download the app for free on iOS and Android to view the tours I wrote:

  • Lincoln’s Assassination
  • New York City Culinary
  • History of the Detroit Auto Industry
  • Los Angeles Culinary
  • Nashville Music History
  • Mississippi Civil Rights
  • San Francisco’s Alcatraz Prizon

For more on the 1000-plus sites I wrote up for the previous editions of the app, see this post.