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How not to do your physics homework


Foucault’s pendulum has fallen. On April 6, the steel cable snapped and sent it crashing onto the polished floor of the Musée des Artes et Metiers in Paris. The 28 kilogram brass weight ended its 159-year career—the dented bob is, a museum spokesperson affirmed, beyond repair—doing what it was meant to do: obeying the law of gravity. I have to admit I shed a tear (or at least the idea of a tear) for the fallen bit of scientific history, not because I’d visited the pendulum myself, or even read the 1988 Umberto Eco novel which takes its title and climax from the now-not-swinging orb. I have my own tangled history with pendulums—one stretching back, depending how you count it, decades, even centuries. It’s quite a bit of weight to bear, but a tale worth telling.

Mix CD | Celestial Objects

Wimbo Zuri Catalog No. 055.1A10-1

A custom mix commissioned for the birthday of a fellow historian of science and longtime astronomy buff. The 19 tracks correspond to the 19 brightest visible objects in the sky, from the sun through the moon and satellites down to some of the brighter stars. I designed the CD case so it doubled as a star finder, with a celestial wheel printed onto the disc itself, and a horizon cutout in the front cover.

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