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Is there anything more tiresome, and yet oddly compelling, than the sub-sub-genre of blogging wherein one’s pedestrian but repeatable creative efforts in a given category are laid out, day after day, as a great cumulative achievement of artistry and time management? See, for instance: A Photo a Day. A Drawing a Day. A Heart a Day. A Song a Day. A Dog a Day. A Startup a Day. A Collection a Day. Et cetera.

My charango

Bolivian Charango


A few months ago, around my thirty-fourth birthday, I decided what I really needed was a smaller guitar. A man reaches a certain age, I guess, and after spending most of my life figuring out tunes on a classical guitar, I figured I’d gotten as good at “Wayfaring Stranger” as I was going to get. I thought something smaller might enliven the mix.

There aren’t really any standard guitars more diminutive than my Yamaha classical—I toyed with the idea of a Martin 000-series like Woody Guthrie painted up and played (“This Machine Kills Fascists“). But I realized that my desire to tweak Guthrie’s proto-punk motto into something more comfortably charitable (“This Machine Loves Fascists”? Wait, that doesn’t sound right) would probably make the 000 a not-quite-satisfying axe. Besides, other musical cultures—and more importantly, more-fun-to-say instrument names—beckoned.

Portfolio | Anthropologist

Two-sided full-bleed business card for an anthropologist doing research on Latin American geopolitics.

Mix CD | Triple Frontera

Wimbo Zuri Catalog No. 030.1A06-1

For the past several years, my anthropologist friend has been doing research on the geopolitics of the triple-border between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. It’s a fascinating topic, and I’ve enjoyed getting updates and reading suggestions from a growing expert. This mix was made as a celebration of the Triple Frontera and its multiple identities, about peoples and languages and rivers and borders.

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