The Largest Human-Made Art on Earth

Ephemeral, large-scale art by artist Jim Denevan.

Take the huge dry lake bed. Choose a stick. Make the largest sand drawing on Earth.

Next on the list could be – aliens see it, make contact. Well, even without aliens, this art is more than mind-boggling in its scale. It’s planet-altering.

Jim Denevan made the world’s largest freehand drawing a few weeks ago on a dry lake in Nevada. How big is it? Three mile across, which took 100 miles of walking to draw the pattern.

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Even though esthetically it’s a welcome addition to the landscape, it is also a sort of a transient mark – like a cloud, or a river-bed. Immense in its scope, and lasting only a moment in the large scale of things.

We asked the artist, how long did this stupendous artwork last?

“Completely erased in a rainstorm the next week… It felt strange to work so hard and not see tide come in. But rains did come which is sort of the same thing.”

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