The MagnifiCat (srsly)

So: what exactly are the cultural meanings and implications of the collective internet effort to paraphrase the entire Bible in the language of LOLCats? Bad taste bordering on sacrilege? A mockery of the care and exceeding effort of the many people working to make the Bible available to every person in their mother tongue? Or something that in its way might actually border on the reverent? Certainly we see the collective efforts of lots of people contemplating the meaning of verse after verse, even if only at first to look for hilarious potential misspellings and mysterious cheezburger refrains.


Mary sed “Ceiling Cat is laik a big deal,
Mai I is happy about Ceiling Cat…
bcz he kepted me in maind an now evribodi knowz i can haz cheezburgr.
Thank u Ceiling Cat, u iz cool.
U iz niec to evribodi.
Xcept peeplz who doant dizrv it LOL.
U haz pwned teh r00lrz
whiel stil bein niec to teh n00bz.
U givd cookies to teh hungri
whiel u tolded teh rich “Niec trai.”
U wuz niec to Israel
an to all Abraham’s famili liek u promist.”

Luke 1:46–56, LOLCat Bible Translation Project :: thanks Christine!

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