The only pro game in Cambodia

An excellent use of disabled sport for culture-restoring. Click through for the pretty-good embedded mini-documentary … with narration and background music provided/selected by non-Cambodians, which is kind of what you’d expect, though maybe not what you’d ultimately hope.

Decades of war and internal strife have left Cambodia with one of the highest proportions of people disabled by land mines in the world. The country’s only professional sports league is the Cambodian National Volleyball League (Disabled), a network of volleyball teams whose players once fought against each other in times of civil war and now face each other on the court. They also sponsor a wheelchair racing program which empowers women who would traditionally be confined to their homes. Currently, the national volleyball team is ranked number three in the world, and regularly defeats non-disabled teams including an Australian navy squad which has tasted defeat three years running. These national heroes may have lost limbs to land mines, but they’ll still whoop you in volleyball.

from “Cambodian Sports,” by Daniel Milder, GOOD Magazine, 30 July 2008

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